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What is Page Authority and How to Increase PA?

Whenever it comes to the reputation of a website in Google, the page authority is the most discussed with the domain authority.

We have told you about Domain Authority in our previous article. In today’s article, we will know what Page Authority is, how important it is from an SEO point of view, what the difference between Domain Authority and Page Authority is, and how to increase Page Authority (PA).

If you want to get all the above information about Page Authority, then definitely read this article till the end, so let’s start today’s article without taking much of your time and know what is Page Authority in detail.

What is Page Authority

Page authority is a metric used to gauge the quality of a web page. It is determined by a number of factors, including the age of the page, the number of links to it, and the quality of those links. A page with a high page authority is more likely to show up in search results than a page with low page authority.

Like domain authority, page authority is calculated on the Logarithmic Scale. The webpage which has more page authority has a higher ranking ability in the search engine of that webpage.

But this is not true every time, because Google does not rank any webpage only by Domain Authority or Page Authority, nor does Google know about any matrix-like DA, PA. Google has more than 200 different ranking factors to rank a webpage.

Who Invented Page Authority?

Like the domain authority, the page authority has also been created by MOZ. Page authority also has nothing to do with Google. Google has not talked about page authority anywhere in its 200 factors. But it has also been seen that good page authority improves the ranking of the webpage. Therefore, you should also make efforts to improve the page authority of the webpage.

How to Increase Page Authority

MOZ has over 40 factors by which it gives a website a Page Authority score that only MOZ knows. But we have mentioned some of its important factors below, with the help of which you can increase the page authority of your webpage.

1 – Creating Good Backlinks 

One of the most important factors of page authority is the link profile. The more strong backlinks of a webpage, the ranking of that webpage will also improve, and its page authority will also increase.

2 – Do On-Page SEO Correctly 

Always do  On-Page SEO  in a good way. The better we do On-Page SEO, the more our webpage’s Ranking Ability will increase. The more web pages a website ranks, the more the page authority of the entire domain increases.

3 – Regular Updating 

You should keep working on your website regularly. If you do regular work on the website, then you will get its benefit later. Publish new posts regularly, update old posts and create backlinks from time to time.

4 – Do internal linking 

Internal linking is a very important factor for the ranking of any website because it passes the link juice and the bounce rate of the website is also low. Due to this, there is also an improvement in the ranking.

5 – Correct the loading speed of the website 

You all must know how important speed is in the world of the internet. No user likes to visit a website that takes a lot of time to load. If your website takes 6 – 7 seconds to load, then it will hurt you in ranking. Optimize your website in such a way that your website will load completely within 3 to 4 seconds.

6 – Create a Mobile Friendly Site 

Nowadays most internet people run on mobile. Therefore it is very important for the website to be mobile-friendly. A Mobile Friendly webpage is more likely to rank than a Non-Mobile Friendly webpage. You can optimize your website and make it mobile-friendly, along with this you can use Google AMP to make the website mobile-friendly.

7 – By writing great content 

You can also increase page authority by writing your content in a better way. While writing content, you can pay attention to some things that will help in increasing your Page Authority –

Write Interesting Content so that the user can read your entire content.

Explain the topic on which you are writing the content well.

Your content should be helpful to other people.

Content should be easy to read. Avoid using words that are difficult and may not be understood by the user.

8 – Be patient 

As a website gets older, its page authority also increases. That’s why you need to be patient, if you keep working regularly, your page authority will also improve.

So these are the 8 ways by which you can increase the Page Authority of your website.

What is a Good Page Authority?

It is a question of many people how much page authority should be in order to get a webpage ranked. But there is no exact answer to this.

You have to first analyze how much the page authority of the website you are ranking on the keyword on which you are writing the article. If you want to rank above them, then you have to make your page authority higher than theirs.

Suppose if your page authority is 80 and the websites which are ranking their page authority is more than 80 then 80-page authority is also not good for you. And if your page authority is 40 and the websites which are ranking at the top, their page authority is less than 40, then 40-page authority is also very good for you.

But as I told you above that it is not true every time. You will find many such websites on the Internet that are ranking above websites with more page authority than themselves on a particular keyword.

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