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Content Research Guide: How to Find Unique Content Ideas

A lot of bloggers create blogs on niches that they do not know much about, and after writing some articles they do not have content ideas. Due to this, they do not understand what to write next on their blog.

So, to solve this issue of the new bloggers, I have written this article, I have shared some great methods, after following which you will never get a shortage of content ideas for your blog.

Nowadays, there are many sources available on the Internet, by which you can find blog topic ideas for the blog.

Google Question Hub

If you are a blogger and do not use Google Question Hub, then this might be your mistake. With the help of this Google tool, you can easily find Unlimited Content ideas for free and easily.

Google Question Hub is a free tool by Google company that has been developed for bloggers or content creators. With the help of this tool, you can find many topics and ideas that the user is searching for on the internet, but there’s not much information available about them.

You are going to get many benefits from using this tool. With the help of Google Question Hub, you can find blog topic ideas for your blog, as well as you can easily get some traffic from Google.

Visit Google Question Hub

Exploring Quora

Quora is a forum website, where people question, and answer. You can do content research for your blog using Quora. You will find tons of topics on Quora about which people want to know and already searching.

To use Quora, you have to create an account on Quora, then follow the forum related to your Blog Niche. Here you get many content ideas for your blog.

Along with doing content research from Quora, you can also get backlinks and bring traffic to the blog. Almost all bloggers use Quora for content ideas and to drive some quality traffic to their blog too.

Following YouTube Channels

YouTube is a very popular video-sharing platform where you get information about almost all topics. You can do your content research by watching videos of channels related to your niche.

You can also embed the video you like in your article, this will benefit your readers, also increase the engagement of your blog, and users will stay on your website for more time, which will improve your website’s ranking too.

Scrolling Social Media Accounts

You can also use social media for your content research. Almost all internet users use social media. On social media, you get hundreds of groups related to your blog niche.

For example, in my telegram group, the members ask different questions so that you will get an idea and you can create a blog post related to it and also you can share your blog post with that user to get some traffic too.

Competitor’s Research

You can find a lot of content ideas from popular blogs related to your niche. 

You have to find your competitors related to your niche through Google or you can use and then you can search for content ideas on your competitor’s website.

Add Your Own Experiences

On whichever topic you write a blog, you can share your experiences related to it in the form of a story, so that readers will also enjoy reading the blog.

For example, suppose I write a blog on a topic related to blogging, digital marketing, etc. so I can write about the experiments I do to improve my blog and the result I get from it. With this, your readers will also get knowledge.

Using Google Trends

Google Trends is also a tool made by Google which is mostly used to find trending topics. With the help of Google Trends, you can find trending topics related to your niche and write articles on them. 

By writing articles on those trending topics, your blog will rank on Google and you may get a good amount of traffic to your blog.

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