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How to Write a Unique Blog Article on a Website

Whenever a new blogger creates his blog, the biggest challenge for him is to create a unique article for the blog.

There are lots of software available on the internet which will help you to write unique articles. But those articles do not have that much power to turn that visitor into a permanent reader. 

Also, by publishing such articles, you can hardly get success in your blogging career.

Every big blogger says and you must have heard that Content is King. If your content is good then the ranking of your website also improves, which will also help you in getting maximum traffic to your blog. 

Professional bloggers, spend more time writing quality articles, or they hire a good content writer. Because they know the value of the content.

Writing a unique article also helps in the indexing of your blog. Because the user gets to read new information he will keep coming to your blog, again and again, and this will lead to an increase in the authority of your blog.

If you are also facing a problem in writing a unique article for the blog, then I have written this article only to solve your problem. 

Through this article, I will tell you some ways by which you will be able to get the blog ranked by writing a unique article for your blog.

So let’s get started.

How to Write Unique Article

Below are the best ways to write a unique article –

  • Write articles following your interest
  • Proper research before writing an article
  • Add your Own Experiences to the Article
  • Blogging in the same niche
  • Write the solution to the problem in the article
  • Write articles in a Peaceful environment
  • Stop using Social Media while writing articles

Write Articles Following your Interest

Whenever a new blogger starts his blogging career, he is always advised to create a blog on the topic of his interest. Because by doing this you will neither lack the content idea and you can write a very good article.

Suppose you are interested in sports and you have created a blog on fast food, then it is obvious that you will not be able to write a unique article on fast food. So whenever you decide on a niche, keep your interest at the top.

Proper Research Before Writing the Article

It is very important to do research before writing an article, even if you have a piece of good knowledge about something, you must do research, do you know that you get to know something new which you can add to your article.

You can take the help of a blog article, YouTube videos too, etc. even I do that before writing an article to do research for the article. 

The deeper your research, the better and unique your article will be. Always use different platforms to do article research.

Add your Own Experiences to the Article

The best way to make any article unique is to add your own experiences to your blog article. The true meaning of writing a blog is that we share our thoughts, experiences, and opinions with people. 

Everyone’s experience is different in any subject, so by writing your experience in the article, your article will be automatically unique.

Blogging in the Same Niche for a Long Time

If you do blogging in the same niche, then you become an expert in a field, and over time you make up your own idea to write articles. Creating a unique article related to the subject in which you are an expert is not a difficult task.

It will also create and increase your authority in front of your blog readers as well as Google.

Write the Solution to the Problem in the Article

Write the solution to all the problems related to the topic on which you are writing the article. When you start writing articles, many questions related to that topic automatically start coming to your mind. 

Write the answer to all of those questions in your article. By writing a solution to the problem, the visitor will become your permanent reader and you will also be able to write a good unique, and quality article.

Write Articles in a Peaceful Environment

Always write the article in a quiet environment, because in a noisy place your mind is unable to function well and you will not be able to write good content for your blog.

Therefore, it is necessary to have a calm environment for writing articles, in a calm environment your mind will also work faster, which will help you to make the article powerful.

Stop Using Social Media while Writing Articles

Whenever you sit down to write an article, first stop all your social media. Throughout the day, many messages keep coming on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram, due to which there is a disturbance in your mind and in writing and which will lead to delay in work.

So whenever you start writing an article, first turn off the notification on the social mediator and turn on DND mode. With this, your work will also be faster and you will also write a good quality article.

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