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Commercial Marketing: What is it and How to Do It?

Commercial Marketing is a strategy for you to be able to boost sales or for those who want to start a business.

Attracting new consumers or starting a new business is always a challenge, even more so when your market niche is highly competitive.

In order to overcome high competitiveness, it is necessary to seek differentials, and for that to apply marketing strategies. 

And in this sense, commercial marketing allows you to gain better knowledge of the market and start investing in the right strategies to ensure more visibility for your business. 

So, if you want to know more about what Commercial Marketing is and why it is important for you to improve your sales, keep reading because we will answer in this article.

What is Commercial Marketing?

The commercial marketing strategy is a strategy that consists of making choices to drive the profitable growth of a business so that its objectives and goals are achieved. 

To apply this strategy, you can use different channels and tools to reach your target audience. 

In general, commercial Marketing encompasses a very broad concept and within it is inserted a set of strategies of various Marketing strategies.

These strategies help you to promote your product or service so that more people are aware of it and consequently you make more sales. 

For this process to occur, it is necessary to identify what the customers’ needs are, and by which services and products these needs will be satisfied, with a view to obtaining profit.

By meeting consumer needs, you find ways to stand out from your competitors and gain a competitive advantage above any other competitor in the same market niche as yours.

Differences Between Commercial Marketing and Social Marketing?

For you to understand once and for all the concept of Commercial Marketing, let’s differentiate it from Social Marketing, which is another strategy widely used when a company wants to gain a strong positioning in the market. 

Social marketing is a strategy whose focus is not fixed on profit, as its mission is to design, implement and also control programs created by companies to promote social acceptance.

Among the main differences between commercial marketing and social marketing we can mention:

  • Definition: Social marketing is a sustainable and cost-effective approach used to influence changes in the behavior of people in society. Commercial marketing is the process where the choice of products and services is influenced by people in order to generate more profits.
  • Product: Social marketing sells desired behavior, while commercial marketing sells tangible products and services.
  • Audience: While social marketing targets people who are likely to influence changes in a community’s behavior, commercial marketing targets people who are likely to make a purchase.
  • Objective: Social Marketing prioritizes positively impacting society by influencing behavioral changes, Commercial Marketing prioritizes obtaining financial gains from the sale of products or services
  • Financial resources: While social marketing is publicly funded, commercial marketing is private.

I bet that now the concept of Commercial Marketing should be much clearer, now we are going to learn how we can apply Commercial Marketing to businesses. 

How to Apply Commercial Marketing?

As already discussed at the beginning of this article, if you are starting a business or want to attract new customers, the need to invest in marketing strategies is inevitable.

Both in the physical environment and in the virtual environment, it is necessary to seek resources to face challenges and acquire authority. 

However, in the virtual environment, this need is even greater because the ease of starting a business makes many people try to undertake it through the internet, making it even more competitive.

But let’s understand how Commercial Marketing can help you overcome some of the main barriers of a competitive market. 

Define Your Target Audience

To apply Marketing strategies it is necessary that you know and defines your target audience. 

Many people don’t know the importance of defining a target audience, but it is to this audience that you will direct your actions.

The market segment you will be working in, or already in, plays a key role in defining your target audience.

Through it, you can observe some characteristics that are common among consumers, and also what is the main need of this consumer. 

Your product must be a solution to that need, something that the consumer identifies as the solution to their problems.

And preferably find a market niche that has not yet been explored, so you can guarantee a competitive advantage.

Do Market Research

Market research is a tool that allows you to understand the reality of a market to increase the assertiveness of your actions.

It is carried out through the collection and analysis of information and relevant data about the segment of your enterprise.

This is a very important step before you start applying Marketing Strategies.

Because it allows you to understand the possible challenges to be faced and also what needs have not yet been explored so that you can explore new niches.

Also through market research, it is possible to identify trends and also which will be the most profitable segments for you to invest in a business.

To conduct market research you can:

  • Search for data and metrics that are available in the virtual environment. On the Sebrae website, for example, several relevant data about the Brazilian market are published.
  • Perform competitor analysis: Know and identify who your main competitors are. 
  • Interview customers or target audience: If you already have a business, make questionnaires exploring possibilities within the market and if you don’t already have a business, you can question your competitors’ audience.

Analyze Your Goals and Objectives

For commercial marketing to be objective, you need to know where you want to go and what you want to achieve.

Looking for differentiation when analyzing your audience and competitors is important, but what is your motivator for this?

Set a goal, and also the goals for you to achieve that goal. 

Goals will help you stay focused on your strategy.

Have a Positioning

Having a strong positioning to leave a good impression on your audience is essential for you to be able to develop commercial marketing. 

Positioning consists of occupying a leading and prominent position with a product or service based on the differentials that the target audience values.

Therefore, it is important that you bet on news and explore market niches not yet explored.

The fewer competitors you have, the easier it is to occupy a place in your target audience’s mind. 

Also, invest in good branding to occupy space in the consumer’s mind and be more easily recognized by him. 

Define your Strategies

As we mentioned earlier, at the beginning of this article Commercial Marketing involves a whole set of strategies so that you can stand out to your target audience.

You can use different ways to promote your business, both physically and digitally.

A good bet is to apply promotional marketing strategies to ensure greater visibility for your products or services.

Relationship marketing to improve your relationship with your target audience.

Digital Marketing Strategies, if you want to establish your online presence. 

Multichannel marketing to reach your audience on the different channels they frequent. 

There are still many other strategies that you can apply in your business so that Commercial Marketing becomes more solid and you reach your expected goals.

Track Your Results

It’s worthless to invest in commercial marketing if you don’t monitor your strategies and identify which ones are being more effective.

You can define some KPIs, they will work as indicators of your performance. 

Also, use ROI, ROI is a very simple metric to use and through it, you can define if your investments with commercial marketing are yielding profit.

Keep yourself in constant monitoring, not only of your strategies but also of the main trends in the market.,

And don’t be afraid to change if you find that a strategy isn’t meeting your expectations.

Marketing is all about testing and not always what works well for your competitor will work for you.

Therefore, constant monitoring must be an aspect of paramount importance for those who want to apply commercial marketing strategies.

Start your Business by Setting up an Online Store

Although the virtual environment has its challenges, it also has its benefits and advantages when you start to apply digital marketing techniques to commercial marketing.

In general, control within the virtual environment is much easier.

Because it is possible to make use of several tools to monitor hits on your website, the number of sales, advertising expenses, and other resources.

Also, the costs to start a virtual business are very low compared to a physical business.

 There’s no need to invest in rent, and you can work whenever you like. 

The monitoring facility allows you to have greater control over your expenses and your investment.

If you have already defined which products you will sell, a great way to start an online business is using the virtual store.

For this, you can use various eCommerce platforms, such as:

  • Wix
  • Cloudshop
  • Shopify

Among several other options available on the market. Also, check out our list of the best sites to create an online store.

What is the Importance of Commercial Marketing?

In order for you to feel motivated to apply Commercial Marketing to your business, we have separated some of the main benefits of applying this strategy.

Data Relevant to Your Business

To apply commercial marketing it is necessary that you do market research and also about your target audience.

This allows you to better target your campaigns and also your strategies.

Because they will be based on real results and data offered by the market.

You can Achieve Greater Recognition

Marketing strategies do not focus only on selling more, but also on increasing the recognition of your business within the market, 

Being in the consumer’s mind is essential for you to be able to sell more, and that’s why the focus of commercial marketing is to make you understand the main consumer needs. 

Have a Higher Chance of Loyalty

Commercial Marketing also aims to work your relationship with the consumer in an indirect way.

Conducting market research and keeping up to date allows you to work on improvements, whether in customer service, in your campaigns, or even in the products you offer. 

Investing in improvements increases your customers’ satisfaction and consequently makes them more loyal to your business to make new purchases. 

Invest in Commercial Marketing and Apply other Marketing Strategies Together

In this article, we discuss what Commercial Marketing is and how you can apply it to your business to find the differentials in your product.

We also present the importance of keeping up to date with the main market trends and also on Marketing strategies, as they will contribute to your business being successful.

And if you’re determined to start a virtual business, don’t forget to invest in customer service, which is an important factor in your reputation.

Thanks for reading, we hope you like and found this article helpful.

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