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Multi-Niche vs Single Niche: Which is More Profitable?

Whenever a new blogger creates his blog, he does not know exactly which topic to write a blog, so he starts writing about all the topics after looking at other blogs. 

Because a new blogger does not know what are Single Niche and Multi Niche Blogs. And what are their advantages and disadvantages?

In today’s article, we are going to give you complete information about Single Niche vs Multi-Niche Blog, which will help you a lot in blogging and reading it. 

And you will understand which type of blog is better, and which type of blog you should make out of both.

So let’s start this article without taking much of your time.

Meaning: Single Niche vs Multi-Niche Blog

Single Niche Blog  – A blog on which only one topic is written is called Single Niche Blog. For example, if a blog is on technology, then you will get information related to technology only in that blog.

Multi Niche Blog –  A blog on which more than one topic is written, or we can say that a blog on which different topics are written about, then this type of blog is called a Multi-Niche Blog. 

In this type of blog, you will find articles on technology, health, and fashion in any subject. Most of the blogs in the Hindi language are Multi Niche Blogs.

Comparison: Single Niche vs Multi-Niche Blog

Let us now compare both types of blogs on the basis of some points, which will make it easier for you to understand which blog is better to create.

1. Which One Ranks Fast?

Single niche blogs rank better than multi-niche blogs. Because in the single niche the search engines easily understand which topic the blog is being written, about and which topics are being covered in the blog.

While this does not happen in Multi Nich, it takes time for the search engine to understand on which topic the blog is being written. That’s why it takes more time to rank for multi-niche blogs.

Winner – Single Niche Blog

2. Which One Gets More Traffic?

Multi-niche blogs have more traffic than single niches. Because articles are written on many topics in the multi-niche blogs, traffic also comes to them.

While the traffic in a single niche blog is definitely less, the traffic that is in it is quality traffic. A multi-niche blog is better in terms of traffic.

Winner – Multi-Niche Blog 

3. Which One is More Trusted by Users?

People trust a single niche blog because the whole blog is written on one topic. The reader feels that the blog author is an expert in his niche. That’s why people trust this type of blog more.

People trust less multi-niche blogs. Because on such a blog, the user does not feel that the blog author is an expert on a subject.

Let’s understand through an example.

Suppose there is a problem with your phone, then you would prefer to see the phone in a shop where only phones are repaired and not go to a shop where ration is also available, fashion items are also available, phone It’s fine too.

The same happens in the online world as well, people come to a specialist with their problems. That’s why single niche blogs are always reliable blogs.

Winner – Single Niche Blog

4. Easy as Per SEO Aspect?

SEO of a single niche blog is easy. It is easy to do internal linking in a single niche blog, it is easy to create backlinks.

On the other hand, for internal linking in a multi-niche blog, you have to write a lot of articles on each category, and backlinks also have to be created separately for each category.

Winner – Single Niche Blog

5. Which One Makes More Money?

Multi niche blog earns more from Google AdSense. Google Adsense is the favorite and most trusted Ad Network of all bloggers. It also gives good revenue to its publisher.

But if we talk about Affiliate Marketing, Consultancy Service, Course Selling, etc., then it earns very well in a single niche blog. 

Because single niche blogs are trustworthy blogs, the traffic coming to them becomes their Permanent Readers. And buy products from their affiliate links.

Earning is good from both types of blogs, but here we will declare Single Nitch as the winner because more sources of earning are available in it.

Due to this, you can earn much more than Adsense.

Winner – Single Niche Blog

My Opinion: Single Niche vs Multi Niche

If you want to establish yourself as a brand, then definitely you should create a single niche blog, because in this type of blog you do not have limited options to earn, and you can make money from your blog in the future.

Only you can build your business, But if your main objective is to earn money from Google Adsense and bring more and more traffic to the blog, then you can create a multi-niche blog.

There will be a lot of traffic to your blog, but your earning options are limited.

Suppose you want to sell a computer course, and your blog is multi-niche that contains articles on many topics. If one lakh people come to your blog, then hardly 10 people out of them will not take your course.

Because it is not necessary that those people came to your blog only to get computer information.

But at the same time, if your blog is a single niche in which you write only about computers, then out of 10 thousand people in your blog, 100 people will definitely take your course.

Because they came to your blog only to get computer information.

My suggestion is that you should create a single niche blog, but if you want to create a multi-nitch blog, then always keep the blog in the beginning as a single niche, and when you start getting ranking in one niche, then in the article blog of the other niche.

Before creating a blog, you should decide your objectives and make your blog accordingly.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Single niche blogs

You get many benefits from creating a Single Niche Blog. And at the same time, it has some disadvantages too, but we can ignore its disadvantages. Because it is not even that much that stops us from making a single niche blog.

Advantages (Pros)

  1. You can create an authority website.
  2. Single Niche Blogs perform better on the search engine result page and rank quickly.
  3. It is easy for you to do internal linking.
  4. You can easily create backlinks.
  5. You can establish yourself as a specialist.
  6. You can earn a good amount in many ways.
  7. Can win the trust of the people.
  8. Can help people well.
  9. The traffic coming to your blog will be of quality.

Disadvantages (Cons)

  1. It takes time to do content research.
  2. Traffic is less.
  3. Earning from Google Adsense is less.

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