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Blogger vs WordPress: Which One You Should Choose?

Blogger vs WordPress – Whenever there is talk of blogging, the first thing that comes to the mind of almost all bloggers is Blogger and WordPress.

In the beginning, there is always this idea in the mind of a new blogger that blogging on  and WordPress is easy and beneficial, he watches a lot of YouTube videos, and reads blogs, due to which he becomes more confused.

But after reading this article today, all your doubts are going to be cleared. Because in this article, I have told you by comparing Blogger and WordPress on the basis of my experiences, which one is better for you.

After reading this article completely, you will get answers to all your questions and you will find it easier to choose a blogging platform, so let’s start this article.

Blogger vs WordPress – Introduction

Before comparing Blogger and WordPress, let us know about them.

What is Blogger is a product of Google, through which any blogger can create an attractive blog. The domain name and hosting in Blogger are provided by Google, which remains free.

Blogger can use this blogging platform for free as long as he wants. In you get a subdomain, which remains something like this:

If you want, you can buy a custom domain name and add it to your website built on 

What is WordPress

WordPress is a popular CMS, in which bloggers can create any type of blog or website, it is the world’s largest CMS. According to a report, more than 75 million websites around the world are built on WordPress.

To create your blog on WordPress, you need a domain and hosting. Without a domain and hosting, you cannot create your own blog on WordPress. 

With the help of WordPress, you can create many different types of websites apart from a blog, such as Business websites, E-commerce stores, Affiliate Websites, etc.

WordPress is the first choice of most bloggers for blogging because unlimited plugins are available in it, with the help of which bloggers can give an attractive look to their blog.

If you are thinking about creating a WordPress blog, then Hostinger is the best hosting service provider that provides hosting at very affordable prices. 

If you select Hostinger’s Premium Plan, then you also get a domain name for free along with hosting, which saves your domain money.

Along with this, offers keep running from time to time in Hostinger, in which you get even more discounts on hosting.

Comparison of Blogger vs WordPress

Let’s compare Blogger and WordPress on 10 major themes so that you can easily find out which blogging platform is better.

Investment (How much will it cost)

Whenever we think of doing something, the first thing that comes to it is to invest money, because unless we get benefit in something, we think a lot before investing money in it. – If you are serious about blogging and do not have enough money to invest or you do not want to invest in the beginning, then you can create a free blog on In this, you get a subdomain and Lifetime free hosting for free.

WordPress – On the other hand, talk about WordPress, in this you need to take a domain name and good web hosting with it. Which costs about 4000 rupees annually. And if you want to buy a premium plugin and theme, then it will cost around 8 to 10 thousand.

If you do not have enough money to invest in the beginning, then you can start your Blogging Journey from Blogger.

Winner – 

Ranking (Who ranks better)

This question definitely comes to everyone’s mind who ranks better and faster in Blogger and WordPress, because the purpose behind writing a blog is to get your blog ranked in Google and bring traffic to it. So let’s also know the answer to this. – As far as my experience is concerned, if you have written an SEO Friendly article, then the blog made on ranks quickly. 

The main reason for this is that is a product of Google and it is already SEO optimized and fits quickly in Search Console and Analytics, so it can rank quickly if it works well.

WordPress  – If you are just learning to blog, then it takes some time to rank a website built on WordPress, because SEO has to be done by itself, and a new blogger does not have much knowledge of SEO. 

So it will take some time for you to rank WordPress blog as compared to If you have good knowledge of SEO then WordPress websites also rank quickly.

Winner – 

Features (Which one has good features) – Very few features are available in Blogger, everything is limited here. Blogger cannot Advance Customize the website, no Plugin and Advance Theme is available in Blogger, which can make the blog more attractive. 

There is not much customization available in the themes of

WordPress  – In terms of features, WordPress is great compared to Blogger, this is what makes WordPress very special. Here you get a lot of plugins, through which you can give a very professional look to your website, and you can do SEO of the website. 

Apart from that, Unlimited Themes are available through which you can make the website more attractive.

Winner – WordPress 

Technical Problem (Which is a more technical problem) – Technical problems are rarely encountered in, I have never faced any technical problems in Blogger to date. It is always uptime and there is no hassle of server down.

WordPress  – Because WordPress is Self Hosted Blog, there is a more technical problem with it, sometimes there is a problem in hosting, and sometimes if a wrong plugin is installed then the problem comes.

A little technical knowledge is required for WordPress.

Winner – 

Coding Knowledge (What should be the knowledge of coding)  – It is necessary to have some coding knowledge for, such as in Theme Customize, if additional things are to be added to the website, such as – Table of Content, Author Box, etc. So for this, you should also know coding.

WordPress –  No coding knowledge is required in WordPress, you can customize the theme with the help of Simply Drag and Drop. If you want to add anything extra, then there are many plugins for that.

Winner – WordPress 

Security (Who is more secure)  – Since Blogger is only logged in with your Gmail ID, in such a situation, if your Gmail ID gets hacked, then our Blogger website can also be hacked. 

If the Gmail ID is not hacked, then it is very difficult to hack the Blogger website, because Google’s security is of a very high level.

WordPress  – Since WordPress is the largest CMS in the world, attacks are also very high in it. You can make your WordPress website secure by using the WordPress plugin. 

If you make a mistake somewhere, then your WordPress website can also be hacked.

Winner – Both

Ownership (Who will have control over the blog)  – Blogger is completely controlled by Google, if mistake you have put a post that does not follow Google’s guidelines, then Google can block your website without any notification. We do not have complete control over Blogger.

WordPress  – In WordPress, we have a self-hosted blog. It is completely under your control. If you put such content in your blog that is against Google’s guidelines, then Google gives you a notification so that you can remove that content from the blog.

Winner – WordPress 

Time Consuming (Which takes more time to customize)  – Theme customization in Blogger takes a lot of time, it takes about 2 to 3 hours to organize a theme. It also takes some time to do SEO of the article. Overall, blogger is Time Consuming.

WordPress  – Customization of WordPress takes very little time, with Drag and Drop you can fully customize the theme in less than an hour. 

It is also easy to do SEO of the article. In WordPress, you get many SEO plugins like Yoast SEO, Rank Math, All in SEO, etc.

Winner – WordPress 

Easy to Use –  Blogger is very easy to use, there is never any technical problem in it nor worry about Server Down, its interface is also very easy, and anyone can learn blogging very quickly in it.

WordPress  – Using WordPress is not as easy as compared to Blogger, WordPress requires a little technical knowledge.

Winner – 

Support (Who gets good support) –  There is no support of any kind, all the shortcomings have to be removed by themselves.

WordPress  – Full support is provided by the hosting company in WordPress.

Winner – WordPress 

My Opinion on Blogger vs WordPress

Compared to Blogger vs WordPress, in some cases, WordPress proves to be better than Blogger and in some cases, Blogger proves to be better.

But if you are completely new to blogging then according to me you should start with blogger. And when you learn a little bit about blogging, then you should shift your blog to WordPress. Because every blogger has to go to WordPress one day or the other.

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