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What is CDN? And What Are the Benefits of CDN?

Do you know what is CDN? and how beneficial it is for a website? If you are a blogger or want to make your career in the field of blogging, then understanding CDN becomes very important for you.

CDN is very important to increase the speed of any website. If you have heard the name CDN somewhere before but you do not know enough about it, then there is nothing to worry about,

I will give you complete information about CDN with examples in simple words. So that all the doubts related to your CDN should be cleared. So let’s start this article.

What is CDN?

The full form of CDN  is the Content Delivery Network.

Definition of CDN –  It is a medium that copies the content of a website to the server of a different location so that the content is delivered to the user of a different location from the server of a different location and the speed of the website increases. CDN is mainly used to increase the speed of the website.

This then became the definition of CDN, as many websites are there in the Internet world, the data of every website is stored on a server.

From where the data is served to the users of different locations. Serving data from the same server to the user of a different location causes a load on the server.

But if CDN is used in the website, then the data is served from different servers, due to which there is no load on the main server and the speed of the website is also not down.

Example of CDN

Let us understand with an example, suppose the data of our site is stored on the server in India, if visitors come to our website from America or any other country, then it will take time to reach the data, and the loading timing of the website will increase.

Now if we have connected our website to CDN, then a copy of the content of our website will also be made on the US server.

Similarly, from whichever country the traffic will come to our website, a copy of our website will be created on the servers of all those locations.

Due to this, the data of our site will be accessible to everyone quickly and there will be no load on our main server. That is, the speed of our website will increase.

Let us understand it better through an example. As YouTube’s main server is in America, if you are running YouTube from India, then it will take time for you to access data from America, and it will take so much time to load any video so that you do not play YouTube.

To overcome this problem, YouTube used CDN, due to which a copy of YouTube’s data was also made on India’s server. So now you will get the data from the servers of India, from which the video gets loaded within seconds.

Benefits of CDN for Website

There are many advantages of CDN for a website, some of which are mentioned below –

1. Increases page speed

The speed of your website increases due to the data of your website being served by servers of different locations. In such a situation, whenever a user comes to your website, the content of your website is loaded fast.

Due to the fast loading of the website, users will like to come to your website.

2. Improves Google Ranking 

Website Speed ​​is a very big Ranking Factor that cannot be ignored. If a user reaches your website and your website takes a lot of time to load, then it has a negative effect on ranking.

But using CDN increases website speed. Increasing the speed of the website also improves the ranking of the website because Google also wants the website to load in less time.

3. Prevents Server Crash 

When the website becomes popular, the traffic to the website increases, due to which the risk of server crash remains. Because the main server gets more load.

But by using CDN, the problem of Server crashes can be avoided because using CDN does not load on the Main Server.

The content of your website is served by different servers at different locations. Due to this, the risk of server crashes is removed.

4. Handles More Traffic 

By using CDN, the content of the website is served by different servers at different locations, so that the website can easily handle the traffic of million.

5. Improves User Experience

How a user interacts with your website is called User Experience.

Using CDN increases the loading speed of your website so that users like to visit the website. And the User Experience on your website also gets better.

6. Secures Your Website 

CDN enhances the security of your website. CDN’s DDoS Mitigation, Security Certificate, etc. The security of your website increases through the function. Due to this, your website remains safe from Hackers.

7. Provides Free SSL Certificate

CDN provides you with an SSL certificate for a lifetime for free. Due to this, you do not need to buy an SSL certificate separately.

8. Reduces Bounce Rate 

If a user comes to your website and your website takes a lot of time to load, then the user is not able to access your website properly and comes back to the result page of Google, then the bounce rate of your website increases.

Using CDN increases the speed of the website, due to which the user stays on your site for a long time, which reduces the bounce rate.

Which CDN to use in the website

There are many free and paid services in the market that provide CDN for your website. You can use the CDN Services of any company for your website. Below is the list of some popular CDN-providing companies.

CDN Provider List 

  • Cloudflare 
  • Amazon Cloudfront 
  • KeyCDN

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