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What is a Guest Posting and How to Do It

If you are a blogger and want to create a high-quality backlink for your blog, then a guest post is the best way. But many new bloggers do not know how to do a guest post, how to write a good guest post, what are the benefits of guest posts and where to find guest post websites.

If you are also troubled by all these questions, then you have come to the right article. Through this article today, we are going to give you all the above information about the guest post. So let’s start this article without taking much of your time.

What is Guest Post

To understand in very simple words, Guest Post is such a blog post, in which a blogger prepares a post and gets it published in another blogger’s High Authority blog. The blogger doing the guest post also mentions his name and the URL of the blog in the post.

Guest post is very beneficial for increasing Referral Traffic on the blog, getting a High-Quality Dofollow backlink, building a good relationship with another blogger, popularizing the blog, etc.

How to do Guest Post

Whenever you think about posting a guest on a blog, then for that you should keep some important things in mind, which we have mentioned below –

  • Make a guest post on your Niche’s relevant blog.
  • Always do guest posts on blogs with good authority.
  • The blog on which you are guest posting should have a low Spam Score.
  • Make a guest post on a blog with good traffic.
  • Analyze guest posting blogs thoroughly, such as backlinks, domain authority, page authority, etc.
  • Keep the link of your blog in the first or second paragraph, because the higher the link is in the article, its value is also higher.
  • You should increase the authority of your blog a little bit because very few blogs accept guest posts from blogs with less authority.

How to Write Guest Post

After reading the article here, you must have understood what is a guest post and how to do a guest post. Now we will talk about some such tips by which your guest post can be accepted and published quickly.

1. Guest Post Language

Make a guest post on the blog in the language in which you write the article. Just like you write articles in the Hindi language on your blog, then do a guest post on the Hindi language blog only.

If your blog has Hindi articles and your contact guest post is on an English blog, then there is a 99 percent chance that your guest post will not be accepted. Therefore, it is very important to take care of the language in the guest post.

2. Guest Post Word Count

It is also important to take care of the words in the guest post because when you contact a blog for the guest post, they give you a Criteria of Minimum Word Count. By the way, I have seen in most high authority blogs that they do not accept guest posts of less than 1200 or 1500 words.

Therefore, try to write a long guest post for the High Authority blog, which is 1500 to 2000 words.

3. Write Unique Topic

If you write a guest post on a topic about which not much information is available on the Internet, then the chances of your guest post getting published quickly increases. Because usually, bloggers are in search of such topics.

To find a unique topic, do content research in a good way. You can use platforms like Google Question Hub and Quora to find unique topics.

4. Do Keyword Research

After you have found the unique topic for a guest post, then the next step comes to do keyword research, by which you can find out how many people are searching on the internet about the topic you have selected, How much competition is there on keywords, etc. And together you add all the keywords that are similar to that topic in the article.

5. Write Unique Article

No blogger will accept a copy-pasted article in a guest post, so always write a unique article in the guest post. Do not use any kind of copy material in guest posts.

6. Write a High-Quality Article

Write a High-Quality Article. High Quality means a complete article in which the user can get complete information about the topic about which you have written. Articles with half-incomplete information are not accepted in guest posts.

7. Write SEO-Friendly Article

Write an SEO-friendly article, that is, do On-Page SEO of the article well. Because without On-Page SEO it is almost impossible to get an article ranked on Google.

8. Use Image and Video

Use images and videos when needed in the article. This increases user engagement, and there are chances of your guest posts getting published quickly. You can also give screenshots wherever required in the article. You should always use Copyright Free Image only.

9. Follow Google’s guideline

Always write the most important article following Google’s guidelines. Because no blogger will accept guest posts that do not follow Google’s guidelines.

Benefits of guest posting

A blogger gets many benefits from guest posting, of which we have told you about some of the major benefits below.

  • A High-Quality Do-follow backlink is available.
  • In the eyes of Google, the authority of your blog increases.
  • Referral traffic increases on your blog.
  • The popularity of your blog increases on the Internet, people start knowing about your blog.
  • You build good relations with other bloggers.

How to Find Guest Post Sites

It is very easy to find guest post sites on the internet. You can request guest posts from the best authority blog of your Niche. To request, you find their Contact Us page and then contact them. Most authority blogs do not provide the facility of free guest posts, for this you may have to pay something.

If you do blogging in the Hindi language, then read our blog’s article on Best Hindi Blog, in this article we have told you about Hindi blogs of more than 45 different categories. You can guest post on the blog according to your category.

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