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Build Your Email List with These 8 Expert Tips

If you want to increase your email list and speed up your results, you’ve come to the right place.

In Inbound Marketing, email is one of the most important tools, because it is with it that you can establish a closer relationship with your leads.

Email marketing has a significant ROI (Return on Investment). Therefore, knowing tactics that help you build your list organically is key to boosting results.

For starters, the biggest tip of all: you should never buy email lists! This is a practice that negatively impacts your delivery rate, in addition to the possibility of generating spam reports from users who did not request to receive your emails. 

Although it seems like a good alternative to increase your list, it is a bad idea. After all, this is an invasive tactic that does not promote engagement, as people who are not interested will receive your messages.

So, check out the tips in this post to properly grow your email list and start putting them into practice!

Best Ways to Grow Your Email List

1. Create Great Offers

People only subscribe to an email list if they see benefits from that action. That is, make it clear what you are offering and what users get by signing up to receive your emails.

Creating a compelling offer doesn’t just mean sending products or showing promotions, but providing a way for the persona to solve the problem they have. 

People, in general, search the internet for something that can help them, even if they are not aware of it.

So, your company can be a facilitator that offers content, tips, discounts, and valuable products. So, show that your offers will help the consumer in some way.

2. Providing Premium Content

Content marketing has already established itself as a digital marketing strategy and has proven how results are boosted with the right techniques. 

Just trying to push your products or services to consumers is a bad idea. Therefore, the production of content is a tool for achievement.

In addition, consumers like to actively participate in the process, they are no longer mere buyers. This relationship requires you to know how to approach your prospect. 

In this context, producing relevant content and offering it to your audience becomes a great source of new leads.

Content marketing is also a strategy for building trust. If you send free materials that are beneficial to the consumer, it makes it easier for them to convert.

However, you must deliver what you promised.

3. Keep Simple Steps to subscribe to your list

Don’t create forms that ask for too many details about the user. The ideal is to start simple, like newsletter subscriptions that only ask for the email address. 

After the conversion, you can start asking for more details, like when there is an offer of rich material, for example.

That way, if your audience is interested in an offer, make the application process as easy as possible. This means that you don’t need to demand a lot of data at first. 

At first, just asking for a name and email address is enough, because from there it is possible to start nutrition.

After that, the lead starts to develop trust for the brand, which makes them provide more data.

4. Add simple forms to pages

Each of your site’s pages can be an opportunity to convert visitors. In this sense, think about leaving the registration forms in strategic places that are visible. 

Also, create CTAs that are compelling and capture users’ attention.

However, be careful that this is not done in an invasive way, harming the user experience.

5. Add Popups to increase conversions

Pop-ups are great resources to grow your email list. However, the windows that appear must be used properly and without exaggeration. 

It is common for the tool to be used as soon as the visitor opens the site or when he “threatens” to close the window.

Thus, pop-ups appear at decisive moments and can increase your conversions. However, care must be taken not to be inconvenient and achieve good results.

6. Insert subscription CTAs into blogposts

Blogposts act as gateways for prospects that have the potential to enter your sales funnel. 

When they consume content from your blog, you can take advantage of this opportunity and invite the visitor to subscribe and receive more content.

The CTA in blogposts is a tactic that highlights the offer and draws attention. Therefore, you can insert the call-to-action at different points in the text, according to what makes the most sense. 

The call to action is essential for lead generation, as the invitation moves the user from the top to the middle of the funnel.

7. Offering Discount Coupons

Who doesn’t like to receive a treat from brands, right? Asking for the email address in exchange for discount coupons is a very common strategy used by brands and it always works. 

This is an incentive that highlights the benefit and attracts more consumers.

What’s more, use commemorative dates to highlight and modify your offerings. 

It is possible to offer different coupons on festivals, for example, as these are periods when people tend to shop more. 

Thus, you take advantage of the momentum for them to register in your base.

8. Using Social Media Sites

Social media is a good source of attracting prospects and also for generating traffic. So, when developing your social media campaigns, think more broadly about how they can leverage other strategies.

Even though social networks are good tools to approach and engage the audience, email is still a more direct approach. 

In this sense, take advantage of the high volume of traffic on your profiles and pages to get them to subscribe to your newsletter.

In addition to the well-known use of CTAs in your publications, also use:

  • Links in bio (Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, among others);
  • In the captions of the photos;
  • Instagram Stories.

Did you notice how many different ways you can use to grow your base? 

By putting these tips to grow your email list into practice, you will realize how many leads will convert. That way, soon your sales will also start to skyrocket.

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